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Pairing Meats with Cheese

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Salami and Gouda

Both salami and gouda come in different varieties and pair well.  A crowd favorite is smoked gouda with a peppery Genoa salami.

Prosciutto and Brie

Creamy Brie and buttery prosciutto are a perfect pairing. Try this pairing with a little fig jam to bring out the rich flavors.


Soppressata and Havarti

Soppressata, a dry salami, pairs well with nutty and buttery semi soft Havarti. The creaminess brings out the salami’s flavors.


English Cheddar and Hot Capicolla

The nutty crumbly sharp cheddar goes amazingly with all types of cured pork, especially hot capicola.


Manchego and Ham

Nutty semi hard Manchego goes great with all hams, especially a nice smoked ham.


Goats Cheese and Coppa

The acidic creamy goat cheese goes really well with a pork Coppa.

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